STUDIO56 animated television series

The story is decked up around the Arabian nights and epic adventure that sees a brave teen Sherzade

who is on her challenging quest to help her friend Karim get back to the throne, a rightful owner- thus saving the kingdom from the powerful evil forces.

Young Prince Karim, heir to the throne of the Golden City, is unjustly usurped by his own brother. Cursed by a wicked spell that transformed him into a lumbering, hairy blue monster, and a falsely accused fugitive. With Sherazade’s help, they narrowly escape from the Golden City, and set on a journey takes them across sweeping deserts, perilous seas, eerie labyrinths and opulent palaces,

befriending a scatterbrained genie named Halil who serves to guide them, and a team of over-the-top personalities, including such legendary characters as Aladdin, Sinbad and Ali Baba. As they venture forth, they’ll clash with wizards, kings, pirates, thieves, and a host of mythical creatures wielding immeasurable power.