STUDIO56 animated television series

The Jungle setting in India, where a young organ boy Mowgli is raised by the Wolves, Rama and her mate with her own cubs.

After, 10 years Mowgli becomes well acquainted with the jungle life and plays with his wolf siblings. With the news in the jungle that the man- eating Bengal Tiger is back to the pack’s part of the jungle.

Pack leader Akela decides that Mowgli can no longer stay with the pack and must be deported from the jungle for his own safety. Bagheera volunteers to escort him to a "Man-Village." They leave that very night, but Mowgli is determined to stay in the jungle. The plot revolves around Mowgli and his journey, his encounters with the fiercer animals of the jungle, and at last ends with the morale of “good wins over the bad”.

The story is one of the top grossing animation made in the history with box office of 37.8 crores USD , story written by Rudyard Kipling and produced by the Walt Disney Productions. Some of the sequences and episodes of this series was also shot and produced in our Studio56.